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Keep fit thanks to Lifes pan

Considering that we live in a world where appearance matters the most and a good first impression can take you closer to achieving your dream, it’s a natural thing that both men and women are doing their best in order to keep fit. There are many different ways in which you can mantain a certain weight or achieve a lighter one in order to look your best.

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While some people go to the gym, investing money in that sort of activity, others spend them on fitness machines that they can practice on in the comfort of their own home. Lifes pan is a brand that offers anyone the chance to stay in shape at a very affordable price if you keep in mind the high quality of the products and their longevity.

The majority of equipment that you can find at Lifes pan is based on running alternatives which are basically represented by treadmills. Instead of running in the park at your own pace, that could be slower than the one you need, you can set your own running rhythm by using one of the treadmills available under this brand.

Before you start running on this machine, you need to make sure that you are prepared for that phsyically because a lot of people make the mistake of choosing a very fast pace right after they have stepped on the treadmill and this could cause them potentional health issues. This is why you need to take it all slow and practice a bit of leg and arm stretching, maybe even a few genuflexions to start with as well.


Once you have practiced all these exercises, you can consider yourself ready to step on the treadmill and start running but make sure that you choose a slower pace at first, until you get used to the effort that you are making. If, at any moment, you feel like you can’t go, stop the program and get off the treadmill. It’s essential that you don’t get overexhausted.

Kan jam

Kan jam is a sensational flying-disc sport that is taking people of all ages by storm. The distinct look of the yellow flying disc and large black cans is unmistakable. Similar to Frisbee golf and Frisbee football, this game can be played in parks at the beach, or anywhere with enough open space. The object of this game is to throw the disc so that a person, called the “deflector,” can try to deflect it with his hand to fall in a large barrel which is called a kan. The game is played with two teams standing on opposite sides of the playing ground. Each team of two players has a kan near them that they will try to throw or deflect the disc into during their respective turns. The teams will then take turns with one person throwing the flying disc as another person from the same team tries to deflect it. Teams may gain points from hitting the side of the kan with the disc, throwing the disc into the kan, or deflecting the disc to hit the kan. They get various points for each of these different scoring methods, and the first team that has 21 points wins the game.


Kan jam was created by Charles Sciandra and his partner Paul Swisher in New York during the the 90s. The idea came to Sciandra when he and some friends were playing with a flying disc in the park, and someone suggested trying to throw the disc into a garbage can. The idea had been formed, so all that was left was to develop the game. After appropriately developing kan jam to make it a unique flying disc game by making an “instant win” slot in the kan, they got it patented. Kan jam entered the market in 2005, but it was during the time that the two men offered it to schools in their area for fitness programs that the product really took off. After perfecting the game and product, they moved to a larger facility after selling 14,000 units in 2007. Today, the sensational game is played in every state in the U.S.A and in several other countries. In only a few years, the game that Sciandra and Swisher had created spread like wildfire, gathering somewhat of a cult following of fervent kan jam athletes.


The culture and community surrounding the game is enormous, stretching across cultures, countries, and social statuses. In addition, there are several official tournaments such as the Klassic and the World Championship, which are both fairly new, but they have revealed some true talent in the game. There are also a wide number of leagues and smaller tournaments being formed by players. Kan jam is played for leisure, as a sport, and also as a fitness activity. A number of schools have already adopted kan jam into their physical education programs because the game is easy to learn, easy to play, and a good physical activity. Fans of the game can buy shirts and other products from the official site, and some individuals have done kan jam car wraps. Whether kan jam will pass like many other game trends before it or continue to thrive as a beloved game for generations to come is something that will only be told by time.



Ideas regarding Christmas Gifts for women

What are the trendy Christmas Gifts for women right now

 10-Gifts-A-Woman-Really-Wants-On-ChristmasIf you want to suprise a woman that is in your life, whether it is your mother, girlfriend or wife for example, there are plenty of beautiful presents that you can choose from. Those of you who ran out of ideas are able to find inspiration by browsing through various online stores because this represents a much more comfortable alternative compared to actually going from store to store yourself. Therefore, some of the Christmas gifts for women which continue to be popular are represented by various make up products. A complete palette such as the one from Sephora which consists in 148 eyeshadow choices is a great kind of example because it will be highly appreciated. On the other hand, you could surprise your girlfriend with a beautiful piece of jewelry such as a necklace that has a heart-shaped pendant attached to it. Christmas gifts for women that are personalized such as cup, a wine bottle or a photo frame are also very good choices this year.


How to choose the best Christmas gifts for women

 7-Great-Quality-Affordable-Christmas-Watch-Gifts-for-Women-under-100Before deciding on one of the Christmas gifts for women, you need to think about what is your relation with the woman you are purchasing that particular present for. The type of gifts that you buy depends on how close you are to that woman which is why heart-shaped, scented candles are better to offer to your girlfriend than to a colleague from work that you don’t know very well. There are also various categories for Christmas gifts for women such as serious ones which involve the holiday related products but also the funny items which are going to lighten up the atmosphere. The fun gifts that are available consist in things such as the mug who stirs the liquid within by itself or the tool kit for ladies which involves items that come under cute pink shades. Without a doubt, gift sets represent the universal choices no matter who are you offering them to.

How to find a new job


If you recently lost your job and you find yourself in a desperate financial and emotional situation, the main thing that you need to do is to try and stay calm. The more you blame yourself and get depressed, the more you are going to stay in this particular situation and in order to get out of it, you need to find solutions and not excuses.

Those of you who were fired might find it difficult to find a new job especially if that particular detail has been mentioned on your file, however it’s not impossible. If you need a new workplace immediately because you are in debt and you need to pay an immense amount of bills that has piled up over the months, you are probably desperate enough to try any kind of job.

Prevention is always better and with that mind, it would have been a great idea if you had your CV uploaded online on various job hunting websites in case that this situation would ever come up in your life. However, if you haven’t done that before, you should quickly go ahead and search for the best job search Internet platforms that are available.

Another good idea is to always keep your previous work contacts close, whether they are represented by your former bosses or colleagues because if you will ever need help to find a new job, you will definitely know who to call.

One of the most simple ways of finding a job is to buy the local newspaper and search for job ads but this is going to be a time-consuming task and there are no guarantees that you are actually going to be able to find a job this way. Therefore, contacting your friends and recommending you for a new workplace represents a more practical choice as long as you know that you can rely on certain persons in your life.

Flash Mob Slovenia

Flash mob, surprise people through dance


People who had no idea what a flash mob is and watched the movie “Friends With Benefits” are now probably aware of what this term means and what an amazing idea it actually represents. For those of you didn’t see the movie and still can’t find an explanation for this phrase, you should know that it basically consists in a group of people that gather in a public place and start dancing suddenly, suprising the other people who are around them at the time.

A flash mob consists in a carefully chosen choreography by the one who comes up with the idea of getting people to dance in a certain public area in the first place. The great thing about this type of dance is that it is done simply for fun, without any political, advertising or commercial purposes behind them.

If you’re wondering how a flash mob looks like, picture Time Square for a moment. That place is usually full of people who are walking every day to and from their work place, being caught up in their problems. At a particular moment, someone dressed exactly like the other people who are walking by, like a serious business man for example starts with a sudden move.


The majority of choreography styles are based on hip hop because they are full of life and they express a certain point of view or attitude in a better way. Therefore, you are going to come across many flash mobs who involve this kind of music genre. As stated before, once the first person starts busting a move, a second and a third one is going to join in the dance as well.

Depending on the size of the group, the other people who are involved in this action are also going to start dancing. These events are simply created for the purpose of lightening up the day of the people who pass by, making them smile and forget all about their problems.

Finding the best plumber to fix a leaking faucet

A leaking faucet is a very simple task for any plumber who is good at what he does and actually has a diploma in this domain. Although you don’t need a professional course to be able to fix your own leaking faucet, it’s better to leave this task down to professional plumbers because you might end up doing more damage to your sink than you might think.

A good step in finding a good plumber is to avoid those people who “sometimes” work as plumbers and they are usually called “handymen”. If they are not qualified for this job, it’s very likely that they are going to do as much damage as you would because there are a few details that only a professional plumber is aware about and takes into consideration before jumping into the act of repairing the leaking faucet directly.


At the same time, you should also avoid the “friends” of some of your neighbours who also work part-time as plumbers because this kind of work needs intensive preparing and training in order to become a good professional otherwise there is no difference between someone who reads the instructions over the Internet and someone who actually knows the details regarding the construction of the faucet, the pipes and all the other elements which are connected to each other and that influence the good working of your faucet in the first place.

Hiring a plumber through a newspaper ad might be a risky thing to do but the minute he walks to your front door you need to ask him for his identification tag in order to check if he really is a plumber. However, the best way is to find a plumbing company with a great reputation and hire one of the technicians that work there based on his experience and qualification.

Christmas gifts

Find inspiration regarding Christmas gifts for men


Which are the top Christmas gifts for men right now


Even though men are usually considered to be less pretentious when it comes to presents, you should still search for some of the best Christmas gifts for men in order to surprise the masculine presences in your life in a great way. There are various gadgets that will definitely be enjoyed by them such as the portable DVD player. However, if you are unable to afford these Christmas gifts for men then you should focus to similar items which cost less such as the hat that has headphones incorporated in it. A nice watch that looks masculine and interesting can also represent a great gift and considering the occasion, spending a higher sun on a present than you usually would is something common because you don’t offer this type of gifts throughout the entire year. Therefore, you should mark the celebration with something special.

Christmas presents piled underneath a christmas tree.

How to choose the Christmas gifts for men who are in your life


Christmas is the perfect season to show your appreciation for a man that you are close to thanks to the wide range of Christmas gifts for men. Depending on what that particular person represents to you, there are different types of gifts that you can offer. It seems that men particularly like the fun kind of presents such as goofy hats for example. There is actually one type of hat that makes you look like you have a moustache and a beard. Fun iPhone holders that look like animals can also make for amusing presents that are also affordable. On the other hand, if you are interested in Christmas gifts for men which are a bit more expensive, you should consider purchasing one of the colognes available or invest in a gift set that usually involves a perfume and another product or a collection of smaller perfume bottles such as the one by Giorgio Armani.


How Obama Win

A few things concerning the debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney


Mitt Romney’s mistakes during his speeches

 Barack Obama, Barack Obama

Without being in favor of Barack Obama at all, it’s hard not to come to the conclusion that Mitt Romney has made some important mistakes during the debates which took place in the past month. First of all, a sentence that belongs to him consists in the following words “I’m not concerned about the very poor” and which says a lot about his mentality that is basically Republican. As a presidential candidate, this was a very wrong thing to say considering the fact that the majority of his voters find themselves in a difficult financial situation. On the other hand, he accused the current president Barack Obama, who is also a presidential candidate right now, that he was responsible for the lost lives of the four American soldiers during the U.S mission in Libya. In essence, by attacking Obama this way, he only put his opponent in a favorable light anyone would be on his side regarding this matter.


The role of social media sites in the Obama-Romney debate


There is no doubt that in this presidential campaign, social media sites have played a more important role than in the previous ones mainly because they are now used by millions of people, the majority of them being United States citizens. Twitter has been the second stage for both of the candidates, posting their ideas which were conveyed in 150 words and most of them were addressed more or less directly against each other. At the same time, regular people’s opinions had more visibility than in other campaigns thanks to Twitter as well. Honest, realistic and amusing, those tweets were picked out and published on some blogs and websites. For example, one tweet goes like this: “Before you accuse Romney of not caring about the unemployed, keep in mind he’s been trying to get a new job for a YEAR.” posted by Matt Roller, a blogger known in the online environment

Coconut Sugar Story

Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar is obtained from coconut tree. It is an organic, sustainable and natural sweetener which helps people with chronic diseases or disabilities like: diabetes, cancer, gall problems, heart disease, obesity, etc. It shows promising results, has a low glycemic index and is full of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids). Good coconut sugar is minimally processed, organic unbleached and doesn’t contain any preservatives.11239279_f260


Obtaining coconut sugar

Obtaining coconut sugar

Coconut sugar was one of the most commonly used sweeteners in all Southeast Asian countries before refined white sugar became globally used. It is obtained from fresh juices, which are extracted from the coconut flower within a particular process over several days.

Farmers (who grow coconut sugar) must climb on a Palm tree during the flowering season and closely connect all flowers in it. They have to cut flowers tip so they begin to leak vegetable juice. All the juice drains into a bamboo container. When the flow stops, new fresh cuts are needed. Sweet juice of the each inflorescence can flow for 30 to 40 days with intermediate fresh cuts.

Next step in the production of coconut sugar is heating of fresh vegetable juice in a huge wok. It is important to only use really fresh juices; otherwise fermentation would occur and prevent the formation of coconut sugar. This juice contains 80% water, 15% natural sugars and 5% different minerals. Production of coconut sugar is actually water evaporation, but it is necessary that naturally present sugars and other nutrients stay in the final product. While the juice is heating, foam containing nitrogen builds up therefore it must be removed because it would cause fermentation.

During the process of water evaporation juice thickens and changes color. Dense and dark brown syrup is formed from the colorless liquid. If the end-product is coconut nectar, the process is completed at this point. However, for the production of coconut sugar warming continues to produce sugar paste. Further heating most of the water evaporates and the paste begins to crystallize. At this stage, it is important to continuously and evenly mix with a wooden spoon. Workers then squeeze coconut sugar at the edge of the container. Later they also press it at the edge of coconut shell so they get evenly granulated form.

The use of coconut sugar

Indonesian locals use different forms of sugar in their cuisine: liquid and hardened syrup, coconut paste and coconut sugar in crystalized form. To prepare a simple delicious traditional drink they mix syrup with coconut milk. Syrup can also be used as a spread on bread. More and more chocolate factories use coconut sugar or syrup to sweeten the chocolate. For ongoing use, locals mix hardened form of coconut syrup and water, so they get less dense syrup to use it for sweetening drinks and desserts.

The most popular and widespread form of coconut sweetener is coconut sugar in granulated form of coconuts. It is really handy, easy to use and store. It has the longest shelf-life of all coconut sweeteners because it has the lowest value of moisture (1-3%). Coconut sugar has a sweet caramel taste and does not taste like coconut. It can be used wherever you would use the normal sugar and is ideal for sweetening tea, coffee and other drinks. It can be also used in a variety of fresh or baked desserts. All in all, coconut sugar is really healthy, tasty and easy to use sweetener.



Is green tea good for you really

How it started

People in China and Japan consumed green tea in large quantities. So as time went people from Western Countries hear about green tea and here it is today also highly valued and people consumed it a lot. Many people know that green tea is very healthy and it is very beneficial for human health, but only a few understand the real meaning of green tea. National medicine believed that green tea cure almost all diseases, from headache, toothache, and to mental illness, for example depression.

Today is a scientifically proven beneficial effects of green tea, so it is recommended to drink more. Is green tea good for you really ?Green tea is healthy in normal amounts if you drink it a lot of it can lead to insomnia.11239264_f260


Secret of green tea

The green tea has over 300 components and this combination gives efficient results for health. Green tea is rich in polyphenols, especially EGCG, the label that is a powerful antioxidant. Green tea contains caffeine, which stimulates digestion. The amount of caffeine is less than in coffee as well as tea can be drunk several times a day without having to introduce too much caffeine.

These are the features of green tea, which give him the title of “Tea for Healthy Weight Loss”

*strengthen the heart and circulatory system

*reduce bad (LDL) cholesterol

*speeding up metabolism

*regulation of blood sugar levels

*giving a feeling of fullness without extra calories

All these features give it an advantage over other teas and because of that we consume it .11239265_f260


How much it is harmful for our health ?

This is a good question. Whatever we consume has its negative effects including green tea .

Green tea contains caffeine which can cause rapid heartbeat and insomnia. Caffeine is good for pregnant women because caffeine remains in the placenta, so expectant mothers should avoid drinks containing this ingredient.

Green tea contains tannin, which can limit the absorption of iron from fruits and vegetables. But if you drink tea with lemon (vitamin C) it will cancel this effect.

Green tea should not be mixed with a variety of medications, precisely because it contains caffeine. To know exactly what you can drink and what not, consult your doctor, especially if you have a medical history. Be careful It is for your own good.



What do you think about green tea, is it more healthy than harmful?11239266_f260









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