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What you need to know about mobbing in the workplace

Believe it or not, mobbing in the workplace happens much more often than you would think. Although this phrase might sound unfamiliar to you, it basically represents a form of bullying that occurs at the place where people work in. If you thought that bullying was only a part of the high school mentality, the truth is that this cruel and discriminative way of acting towards someone continues to develop in higher social circles.

Through mobbing, some people manage to get another person at their work place to do something that they don’t want to do in order to provide you with different kinds of benefits. If you’re wondering what are the ways through which anyone would be determined to act against their will in the favor of another person, right at their work place, you would be surprised to see how many forms of mobbing actually exist.

An example of mobbing in the workplace could be represented by a rumour started by an evil co-worker who is either jealous of the advantages that another colleague has or is simply driven by the desire to do someone else harm. That rumour might consist in the fact that the particular person that is targeted has had a dubious past, such as taking drugs or providing sexual services.

On the other hand, mobbing could take the form of continuous insults which can be addressed in a variety of ways. They can either be expressed directly, by the person who is the head of the bullying group or indirectly, through notes, e-mails, letters or graffiti written on the walls of the toilets and so on. If you are a victim of this kind of actions, you should gather as much evidence as you can against the people who act as mobbers against you and put them on the spot through legal actions after you have been advised by your layer.

What are the best gift sets for your loved one

Choose among these attractive gift sets for women


The Christmas season is just around the corner, which is why you should think about surprising the loved women in your life with some presents that you can be sure they are going to love. Therefore, gift sets for women represent choices which will certainly be appreciated because they involve a wide range of products. The majority of them include perfumes for women but not only, being based on different beauty items such as shower gels, body oils or cremes. While some gift sets for women have a scent theme, being available under the same collection, you have the alternatives which consist in a larger variety of products that you can find. There are a lot of attractive and useful gift sets for women that you may find in actual stores that are usually opened in malls, but you can also buy them online. The perfumes for women are either available under a scent that belongs to the particular collection or it is a different one.


Decide on the best gift sets for men


Even though men might not be considered as interested in personal care products as women are, each of the gift sets for men which can be purchased is definitely going to be appreciated because of the quality of the items involved as well as their variety. In addition to this, they usually involve perfumes for men who might be based on smaller bottles or bigger ones. On the other hand, you might also come across gift sets for men that actually involve various perfumes for men such as the Giorgio Armani collection that is based on 4 different miniature fragrances. This kind of gift sets for men is great because it offers any man the chance to try out different scents and at least one of them will surely be according to his liking. Some gift sets come with their own bags as well, which are usually as attractive as the products which have been put into them.

What are the best books to give a Four Year Old Child who loves cats

Why are books ideal for young children


You surely remember the children books that you read when you were little with a special fondness because they had a very important impact on you. This is why you should continue this tradition by providing your child with the same books that you read yourself. If you don’t own them anymore, there are various children books that you can buy for your kid and a good time when you can suprise him with books as presents is when he is around the age of five especially if you already taught your child how to read. When they’re so young, children tend to also develop a fondness towards animals and you should definitely encourage that by buying cute books that have their favorite animal as the main character. For example, cats are often loved by toddlers and you should take that into consideration by offering him a children book based on cute cats.


What are the best children books based on cats


Any traditional children’s book based on cats that you remember reading when you were growing up is a great one that you need to give forward to your five year old child.  There is a wonderful “Pete the Cat” series by James Dean and Eric Litwin and each of them consists in cute stories that have different themes. For example, some of their names are represented by “I Love My White Shoes” and“His Four Groovy Buttons”. Another kind of book that is wide-known is “Cat in the Hat” written by Dr. Seuss. Alongside this book, there are other stories such as “One Fish Two Fish”, “Green Eggs and Ham” or “Fox in Socks” which are very lovely and amusing for any five year old. The cuteness of these books associated with the special appearance of a cat will definitely be imprinted on your child’s heart forever and this is why you should definitely offer him a book of this kind.

Visit the Gucci museum in Florence

You don’t necessarily have to be all covered in Gucci products in order to learn more about the history behind this famous and popular brand. Those of you who are studying art will definitely be interested in the Gucci museum in Florence because you will have the ability of getting an insight into the way in which the Gucci brand was created and all the different artistic sides which were connected to it.

The reason why the Gucci museum is located in Florence resides in the fact that this was the place where Guccio Gucci started his business in 1929. The first time you will come to the museum, you will see that there is a permanent exhibition space which displays the majority of the most famous collections that Gucci launched over the years.

In addition to this, the permament exhibition of the Gucci museum in Florence can be admired on the ground, as well as on the second floor. While the ground floor displays a room which is entitled Travel, involving the different pieces designed by Gucci which were inspired by this theme, such as suitcases and various accessories which are useful when you travel.

The collection at the Gucci museum continues with two other themes represented by Handbags and Floral World. In the Evening room, you will be left with your mouth open, being able to view some of the most amazing evening gown designs which have also been worn by Hollywood celebrities at various events.

Moving on to the second floor, you will enter a room called Logomania where you are going to find everything there is to know about the design of the famous double G loco of the Gucci brand. The other rooms which are also located at the second floor are represented by Lifestyle and Sport and entering them will get you closer to understanding why Gucci has approached various fashion products based on those particular themes.



Spend your free time reading funny books for girls

Funny books for girls as amusing presents


If your girlfriend’s birthday is coming up and you have no idea what to get her, you can always find a quick fix in one of the funny books for girls that are available on shelves. No girl would mind the fact that she gets a book that is amusing to read and supports women rights in its essence which is why you should consider this kind of present. At the same time, there are various types of girl’s books that can be found in stores depending on the age range that they written for. Therefore, you will come across funny books for girls who are under the age of 12, those who were written for girls between the ages of 12 and 18 years and those who are suitable for girls who are over 18. Each of these books is great for the purpose that it was written for, being very entertaining.


What kind of funny books for girls are there


When it comes to the funny books for girls who are under the age of 12, you might find books such as “Maggie McNair Has Spiders In Her Hair”, “Clementine” or “The Witches”. As you can see, those short stories which are based on feminine characters who are almost as old as the girls who are reading them are very popular among young girls. On the other hand, when it comes to the books who were written for girls who are between the ages of 12 and 18 years, romantic novels such as “I’d Tell You That I Love You, But Then I’d Have To Kill You” represent amazing choices. But this doesn’t mean that they are not suitable for girls who are over 18 also. In addition to this, that last category involves books such as “Bridget Jones’ Diary” or “What Men Know About Women”, which is a book that consists entirely in blank pages.




Did you know, that bringing a loaf of bred onto a space travelling aircraft may well be the last thing you’ve ever done? Many laws that seem natural to us here on Earth don’t mean a thing in the dark area of outer space.

My essay is based mostly on the fact of what food it is possible to bring, store and consume in space. My research was not only limited to food we produce on Earth but also looked into alternative solutions of producing food in outer space. The following would definitely be necessary on long lasting journeys in space or on attempts on colonizing other planets in the distant future. I’ve taken a closer look at the menus of today’s astronauts and the astronauts of the past and studied their nutritional value. There have been drastic changes in this area of space traveling and later on you will find it obvious that the astronauts of today are living in much greater comfort than those in the past. Commercialization of space food is also a theme I’ve looked into in my research, although we don’t really have that much experience with it in Slovenia.



Food is without a doubt a crucial factor in every mission in outer space involving man driven machines.

Not only does it provide the nutritional needs of every human being, but also the wrong choice of food to bring on a trip too space could easily cost the astronauts their lives. To state an example, the Crew of Gemini III in 1965, a NASA organized flight, brought with them unauthorized a corned beef sandwich. They were not greatly punished for the act, but the flying crumbs of bread in outer space posed a potential threat to the crew, since they could easily interfere with their respiration organs. To prevent similar incidents from happening NASA took special care of what astronauts brought with them on later missions. But NASA did not only take special care of what the astronauts brought with them, they also started investing large sums of money into developing food more appropriate for consuming in outer space.


Since the first man flew out of the Earths orbit, people have been experimenting with food on zero gravity, as there are far too many things that could go wrong.

The first complication researchers ran on, was the fact if it would even be possible to swallow bite sized food in outer space, due to the lack of gravity force. Their worries soon turned out to be unnecessary, as John Glenn, the first American to eat anything in space, experienced no difficulties whatsoever. The only thing that did bother him though was the fact already mentioned, that no matter how big the chunk of food was, it would soon turn into smaller crumbs and present a potential threat. Astronauts that followed on later missions were equipped with food more appropriate for space conditions, but found it to be rather unappetizing since it was mostly packed in toothpaste like tubes, which they later had to suck through a straw, this being the consequence of the fact that they cold not remove their helmets for safety reasons.  “There were different challenges along the way. Certainly the food shortage was unpleasant.”  (Leroy Chiao)  This was another problem space researchers ran on – maintaining a food supply that would last for several days, the average duration of a space flight. As stated by Leroy Chiao, a Chinese-American NASA engineer in 1994 – 2005, falling short of food in outer space could show itself as quite unpleasant, as the astronauts were burning more than the average 2000 calories a day, due to their stressful schedule. In order to prevent such thing from happening space companies started packing higher amounts of nutritional food into the shuttle. And thanks to the advance in technology, astronauts were soon able to bring dehydrated types of meals with them, which they hydrated later on board. The Apollo projects (1968 – 1975) were the first programs with hot water available onboard, and therefore had a much easier way of preparing their meals in a much more tasty way than their ancestors. Astronauts are also able to bring fresh fruits with them, which they have to eat in a mater of days to prevent them from rotting.


The advancement in food technology was without a doubt necessary for longer and more demanding space flights.

And the technology of packing and storing types of food in space has come a long way since the toothpaste like tubes that make you sick to your stomach. To be honest, astronauts these days are enjoying the luxury and comfort some of us only dream of. A few weeks before every flight astronauts get the opportunity to state any demands or special wishes that they may have in the area of food. Those may include specialties like candy or even ice cream. Some countries have also spent millions of dollars in developing a space suitable version of their national dishes. China and Korea are no exceptions in this case, and both had later in the process introduced their space meals to the global market.

As I have already mentioned, the packing of the food for consumption in space needs to meet a long list of demands. It needs to be light-weight, easy to dispose, and help in the process of preparing the food. It is also demanded that the instructions of how to prepare the meal are written in both English and Russian on the label. There are many different types of packing food for space programs and the popularity of those varies from country to country. Russia seems to be more attracted towards storing their food in tins and cans, which are later opened with an average tin opener. Meanwhile America stores most of its food in rehydratable containers. In both cases the food is consumed with the help of a spoon or a fork, so it is quite similar to the meals we have on Earth. The interesting part here is that there is a magnet needed in order to hold the spoon or fork in place, so that it doesn’t fly away in zero gravity. There are also types of food that don’t need to be specially processed in order to be suitable for space travel. Foods such as nuts, granola bars and cookies are classified as natural form foods. They are packed in air tight plastic bags, together with scissors which are used for cutting the bag open.


I’ve mentioned before, that China and Korea presented their national space dishes to the global market. The process of commercializing space processed meals has become a major source of income for space research companies.

Most of these companies have opened an entire department that is responsible for presenting new meals to the public as soon as they are researched. Space ice cream is one of such meals popular in the lines of astronauts and average consumers. Although I’ve newer been in contact with this phenomenon, I hear it’s supposed to be quite delicious. So, researching food suitable for space travel is not only important for the astronauts’ nutritional need, but also has a positive effect on the companies finances.


Although all these ways of storing food in space are very advanced and needed hours and hours of engineering, they will not show themselves as very practical in the upcoming days of longer journeys into space. NASA is aware of this fact, and has dedicated special sections of their facilities to the research on alternative solutions of producing food on the shuttle itself. Such ways of course include growing plants in specially designed gardens, and harvesting them at the appropriate time. The biggest obstacle in this area of research could prove to be the protein supply of the shuttle crew, since it would be difficult taking care of a heard of cows onboard. There are of course plant based proteins astronauts could consume, but sooner or later they would be experiencing a lack of essential amino acids that the body can not produce itself or get from plants.


If we take all these things into account it may still take a while until long distance traveling or colonizing other planets is made a reality. Nevertheless mankind will continue researching, developing, and testing out new, more appropriate ways of dinning in outer space, as it has since the day we left the safe surrounding of our atmosphere. Looking back at the past and the changes the present has brought us in this area of work, who knows what we can achieve in the future.

Saving money with these budget gifts

Homemade budget gifts


Even if you don’t have enough money to spend on presents this Christmas, this doesn’t save you the trouble of surprising your dear ones with something. This is why you have budget gifts as very cool alternatives that are as great as the ones which are more expensive. The trick is to use your imagination and come up with the best solutions.

First of all, you could come up with something that you make on your own if you are talented at crafts. You will not only create budget gifts but you will also make the person you are offering the presents to feel very special. At the same time, you can create items that are based on the Christmas theme such as Christmas candles, socks or greeting cards. As long as you put your heart and soul into this kind of present it will definitely be appreciated by the person you offer it to.


Budget gifts that you can find online


On the other hand, you might also use the Internet and check out some of the websites that you can find budget gifts on such as for example. Close to the Christmas season, there are different offers which you can come across and save money while purchasing cool and interesting budget gifts for all your friends and relatives.

A very simple kind of budget gifts that you can invest in is represented by a personalized wine chiller. In fact, any personalized items make for great budget gifts because you will make the person you are offering the presents to feel that you care about them.

Depending on the person’s taste, you could also purchase one of the budget gifts consisting in an amusing book such as “Texts From Last Night” which is under $25. Also ranging around this sum are budget gifts tabasco set, a water clock, a pet treat launcher or a cool touch microwave bowl or personalized photo frames. Therefore, purchasing budget gifts from online stores are not only affordable but also interesting.

Offer your friend a reading lamp as a gift


Can a reading lamp be a cool gift?


Even though we live in a world in which most people, especially teenagers, spend their time on their laptops and browsing through their phones, it doesn’t mean that some of us have given up reading books completely. There are many amazing books that we are able to learn from and get lost into, creating our own world. If you have a close friend who shares the reading hobby with you, a reading lamp represents a great gift and not a dorky one. This item can actually represent a decorative piece that can be placed next or above your bed side. On the other hand, there are many creative designs which will make the reading lamp not just a device that provides you with a softer kind of light during the night, but also a fun and interesting item that will make your room look very cool.


Which types of lamps are available for purchase


If you look for reading lamps online, you will see that there are almost any kinds of models available based on various designs. For example, you can even come across a lamp that looks like a person who is hung, which is rather creepy and absurd. However, it can represent a morbid joke to give as a gift to someone you know. But those of you who prefer reading lamps that look in a more traditional but still creative way can choose these kinds for sure. Some look classic but have an interesting twist to them such as the ones that were designed as if they were dropped on one side on the desk. On the other hand, there are the ultra hi tech ones which involve a series of leds that are displayed in a curved kind of line that is usually placed over your head. This will provide your eyes with enough light to read during the night.

Learn how to make low fat Christmas cookies


Why should you try baking low fat Christmas cookies


Christmas is a time when you are surrounded by great kinds of food which is why sometimes it’s hard to stick with your diet. When it comes to desserts, most of them consist in a lot of fat and sugar which is not necessarily a bad thing if you don’t overeat this kind of sweets during the Christmas season but for some people this is impossible.

Therefore, low fat Christmas cookies represent alternatives that you might want to try baking when you’re preparing the special meal for the Christmas time which you spend together with your family and friends. Even if they are called low fat Christmas cookies it doesn’t mean that they have to be tasteless because fat doesn’t automatically equal great taste.

As long as you know how to mix the ingredients and use a few tricks, you will also be able to bake the best kinds of low fat Christmas cookies which you can offer to your friends and family.


How to bake low fat Christmas cookies


If you want to learn how to bake low fat Christmas cookies you first have to decide on one of the many different recipes available. A great one is represented by the Gingerbread Men and if you want to bake this type of cookies as well, you have to make sure that your ingredients are prepared and they consist in ¼ of a softened, butter cup, ¾ of brown sugar, ½ cup of unsweetened applesauce, 1 egg, 3 cups of all-purpose flour, 3 cups of all-purpose flour, 2 teaspoons of baking soda, 2 teaspoons of ground ginger, one teaspoon cinnamon and 1/3 cup of dark molasses.

The reason why these low fat Christmas cookies are considered low in fat is because the quantity of butter is reduced greatly compared to other kinds of Christmas desserts. Once you have added all the ingredients and mixed them well together, you have to bake the dough for 12 minutes at 350 degrees and you are done.


Learn about oldtimer club Skofljica


General facts about oldtimer club Skofljica


Oldtimer cars have their own club of passionate fans who own them and meet up frequently all over the world from time to time in order to share their interest. Slovenia also has its own oldtimer club Skofljica so if you are interested in oldtimer cars and you live in this country or you happen to pass through it on a trip, you should check this club out.

The interesting thing about the oldtimer club Skofljica is that it has had quite a long history since 1995 when it was founded. Over the years, many oldtimer cars have been seen at the meetings and many photographed as well. Out of these oldtimer cars that you can view on the official website of the oldtimer club Skofljica you will be able to see vintage kinds of SAAB, Bugatti, Mercedes Benz and many more. So if you would like to participate in this kind of activities as well, you should check out the web page of the club.


When can you join the oldtimer club Skofljica meetings


If you recently decided that you want to join one the oldtimer club Skofljica meetings, you should check out the schedule shown on the official website. Unfortunately, the last activity programmed for this year was on October the 6th, but you should contact the members of the club if you really want to check out the oldtimer cars or show off the car that you have.

Given the number of years that the oldtimer club Skofljica existed in, there is an impressive number of members who all take pride in their oldtimer cars and like to meet up and discuss various issues concering their vechicles such as technical errors, reconditioning, repainting and so on.

No matter which one of the oldtimer cars you own, there are basically the same kinds of issues that you might be facing. Therefore, you can check out the oldtimer club Skofljica and talk with the other members when the next meeting will come up.

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