Visit the Gucci museum in Florence

You don’t necessarily have to be all covered in Gucci products in order to learn more about the history behind this famous and popular brand. Those of you who are studying art will definitely be interested in the Gucci museum in Florence because you will have the ability of getting an insight into the way in which the Gucci brand was created and all the different artistic sides which were connected to it.

The reason why the Gucci museum is located in Florence resides in the fact that this was the place where Guccio Gucci started his business in 1929. The first time you will come to the museum, you will see that there is a permanent exhibition space which displays the majority of the most famous collections that Gucci launched over the years.

In addition to this, the permament exhibition of the Gucci museum in Florence can be admired on the ground, as well as on the second floor. While the ground floor displays a room which is entitled Travel, involving the different pieces designed by Gucci which were inspired by this theme, such as suitcases and various accessories which are useful when you travel.

The collection at the Gucci museum continues with two other themes represented by Handbags and Floral World. In the Evening room, you will be left with your mouth open, being able to view some of the most amazing evening gown designs which have also been worn by Hollywood celebrities at various events.

Moving on to the second floor, you will enter a room called Logomania where you are going to find everything there is to know about the design of the famous double G loco of the Gucci brand. The other rooms which are also located at the second floor are represented by Lifestyle and Sport and entering them will get you closer to understanding why Gucci has approached various fashion products based on those particular themes.