What are the best books to give a Four Year Old Child who loves cats

Why are books ideal for young children


You surely remember the children books that you read when you were little with a special fondness because they had a very important impact on you. This is why you should continue this tradition by providing your child with the same books that you read yourself. If you don’t own them anymore, there are various children books that you can buy for your kid and a good time when you can suprise him with books as presents is when he is around the age of five especially if you already taught your child how to read. When they’re so young, children tend to also develop a fondness towards animals and you should definitely encourage that by buying cute books that have their favorite animal as the main character. For example, cats are often loved by toddlers and you should take that into consideration by offering him a children book based on cute cats.


What are the best children books based on cats


Any traditional children’s book based on cats that you remember reading when you were growing up is a great one that you need to give forward to your five year old child.  There is a wonderful “Pete the Cat” series by James Dean and Eric Litwin and each of them consists in cute stories that have different themes. For example, some of their names are represented by “I Love My White Shoes” and“His Four Groovy Buttons”. Another kind of book that is wide-known is “Cat in the Hat” written by Dr. Seuss. Alongside this book, there are other stories such as “One Fish Two Fish”, “Green Eggs and Ham” or “Fox in Socks” which are very lovely and amusing for any five year old. The cuteness of these books associated with the special appearance of a cat will definitely be imprinted on your child’s heart forever and this is why you should definitely offer him a book of this kind.