Learn about oldtimer club Skofljica


General facts about oldtimer club Skofljica


Oldtimer cars have their own club of passionate fans who own them and meet up frequently all over the world from time to time in order to share their interest. Slovenia also has its own oldtimer club Skofljica so if you are interested in oldtimer cars and you live in this country or you happen to pass through it on a trip, you should check this club out.

The interesting thing about the oldtimer club Skofljica is that it has had quite a long history since 1995 when it was founded. Over the years, many oldtimer cars have been seen at the meetings and many photographed as well. Out of these oldtimer cars that you can view on the official website of the oldtimer club Skofljica you will be able to see vintage kinds of SAAB, Bugatti, Mercedes Benz and many more. So if you would like to participate in this kind of activities as well, you should check out the web page of the club.


When can you join the oldtimer club Skofljica meetings


If you recently decided that you want to join one the oldtimer club Skofljica meetings, you should check out the schedule shown on the official website. Unfortunately, the last activity programmed for this year was on October the 6th, but you should contact the members of the club if you really want to check out the oldtimer cars or show off the car that you have.

Given the number of years that the oldtimer club Skofljica existed in, there is an impressive number of members who all take pride in their oldtimer cars and like to meet up and discuss various issues concering their vechicles such as technical errors, reconditioning, repainting and so on.

No matter which one of the oldtimer cars you own, there are basically the same kinds of issues that you might be facing. Therefore, you can check out the oldtimer club Skofljica and talk with the other members when the next meeting will come up.